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Chronology of Turkey

10,500 BC cave dwellings at Karain

3000 BC first settlement in Troy

1900 BC founding of Hattuşa by Hittites

1450-1200 BC Hittite Empire

1260 BC fall of Troy

900 BC rises of Phrygian, Lydian, Carian, Lycian cultures in Western Anatolia

700BC Homer born in Smyrna ( modern İzmir)

499 BC Ionians revolt against Persian rule begins

404 BC end of the Peloponnesian war

386 BC Ionia once more under the Persian rule

356 BC birth of Alexander the Great

334 BC Alexander crosses into Asia Minor and defeats the Persians at the battle of Granicus

323BC Alexander dies in Babylon

278-77 BC Celts come to Anatolia

263-241 BC rise of the Attalid kings of Pergamum

133 BC death of Attalos 3, bequeaths his kingdom to Roman Empire

130 BC Roman province of Asia established

43 AD Lycia becomes an Imperial province

124 AD Hadrian visits Asia Minor

303 AD persecutions of Christians in Nicomedia

325 AD Council of Nycea

392 AD Christianity became state religion

431 AD council of Ephesus

1071 AD Seljuk’s defeat Byzantines at Manzkiert

1096 AD first crusade

1203 AD beginning of fourth crusade, Latin’s attack Constantinople

1324 AD death of Osman Gazi, founder of Ottoman dynasty

1453 AD Turks under Mehmed 2, conquer Istanbul

1517 AD Selim 1 captures Egypt and assumes the title of Caliph.

1520-1566 AD reign of Suleiman the magnificent, the zenith of the Ottoman Empire

1821 AD Greek war of independence begins

1877 AD first Turkish parliament

1908 AD constitutional rule and parliament restored

1914 AD Ottoman Empire enters ww1 as ally of Germany

1920 AD establishment of Grand National assembly of Turkey

1923 AD treaty of Lausanne, establishment Turkish republic with Atatürk as first president

1924 AD abolition of caliphate

1938 AD death of Atatürk

1945 AD Turkey enters ww2 on side of allies

1946 AD Turkey becomes member of the United Nations